10 Most Searched Words On Google In 2020

Google shared with us some of the most searched keywords in India. And surprisingly almost all words are related to the novel Coronavirus.

It is no doubt that the year 2020 has not been a year to remember. From Anti-NRC protests, Beirut Explosion, Black Lives Matter to the novel Coronavirus so much happened in a year.

This year we lost and learned so many things. We were introduced to so many not so commonly used words. When the virus broke out in China all of us googled about this never heard before virus and were constantly looking for updates.

As we leave behind 2020 and is stepping into a new year with new hopes Google has shared the most searched keywords in India, this year. You would be surprised to know a lot of these most searched words are related to the Coronavirus. The most googled words were pandemic, quarantine, Hydroxychloroquine and others that being most googled were searched for the first time because of the current events of 2020.

Pic. Credits – The Economic Times 

It is no surprise that Coronavirus was most googled word in India. With the first outbreak of the virus in China the nation got curious to know about this novel virus. Not only in India but people around the world were equally unaware of the deadly virus that affected all of us. From tracking the cases of Coronavirus around the world to precaution and treatment from the virus, Coronavirus was one term we never stopped searching.

Pic. Credits – Mint

Ever Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown to prevent further spreading of the coronavirus we had been constantly searching the Internet for the news that would give us some information about the uplifting of the lockdown so that our lives can get back to normal.

Pic. Credits – WILX.com

When people heard that there is no treatment to coronavirus and the only way to prevent this from spreading was to quarantine oneself, they took to Google to search about the quarantine life. Quarantine is not a very commonly used word but with the outbreak of the coronavirus, it was on everybody’s tongue.

Pic. Credits – healthline

One item that was excessively purchased during the whole coronavirus thing other than Maggie was hand sanitisers. People equally searched and purchased hand sanitisers to an extent that the markets ran short of it. With the exceeding demand, the sanitisers were even sold at high prices, over their MRPs.

Pic. Credits – Science News

With WHO (World Health Organisation) announcing Coronavirus as a global pandemic on March 11, 2020 all turned to the Web. Pandemic – a word that was last used for the Ebola virus in 2015-2016 was googled excessively.

Pic. Credits – USA Today

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus and no vaccine available the doctors and researchers were looking for alternative medicine that could help in reducing the intensity of the virus in patients. Eventually, they found HCQ or Hydroxychloroquine a malaria drug that was working for coronavirus patients. But after some times it was noticed that the drug did not work as it was promised and some even reported side effects.

Pic. Credits – The Atlantic

While the nation was already battling with coronavirus when northern India more importantly Hyderabad, Rajasthan and Delhi were attacked by millions of swarms. The plight was a never seen before sight.

Pic. Credits – groundreports.in

After the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the grief-stricken fans of the popular actor refused to accept his death as suicide. Nepotism was severally brought into discussion and star kids were trolled and even their trailers were voted in dislikes.

Pic. Credits – Massey Services

While we were not fully out of the Corona thing when the new cases of Hantavirus were found in China causing a layer of panic throughout the world. Hantavirus is a rare virus that is caused in rodents or rats. People calmed down when they found out that it does not spread like the coronavirus.

Pic. Credits – The Wire Science

Dexamethasone was another drug that was found quite effective for patients suffering from coronavirus. It decreases the immune system’s response to diseases and thus avoids swelling and other reactions.

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