7 Excellent Shows That Everybody Needs To Watch

BuzzPedia is back with another list of must-watch and we're sure you'll love it.

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Some shows are so brilliant but they don’t get the due acknowledgment due to one reason or the other.

Today, BuzzPedia has made a list to acknowledge some great shows with excellent acting, witty plots, engaging screen time, and whatnot!

There you go!

1. The white lotus

Where to watch: Disney Plus Hotstar

Few shows require a great amount of engagement from the viewer’s end. And the white lotus is one such show.

7 Excellent Shows That Everybody Needs To Watch

A one-week vacation in a resort turns from fun to unraveling the dark secrets and twisted truths of the rich guests. It speaks about social climbing in a country like America.

2. Maniac

Where to watch: Netflix

Two strangers Owen Milgrim and Annie Landsberg meet in the late stages of a mysterious trial in a pharmaceutical trial. They both have their reasons to take into the trials.


The trial is a promising one with no side effects at all and one that would solve all life problems. But what’s a show without a negative twist, the trial doesn’t go as planned. 

3. American Vandal

Where to watch: Netflix

We all love to play small pranks, don’t we? But sometimes they misfire, this whole show depicts the same, high school pranks and their aftermath.


And the crimes they end up being. A duo takes it upon themselves to investigate the same. It’ll keep you hooked to your screen throughout.

4. Breeders

Where to watch: Disney plus Hotstar

We all loved Martin Freeman in Sherlock Holmes as Dr. Watson. Who plays Paul and Daisy Haggard plays his wife Ally.

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It represents the true reality of raising children with full-time careers. It’s funny and touching at the same time. Honestly speaking, we can’t wait for season 3.

5. L’Amica (my brilliant friend)

Where to watch: Voot

We want to make sure that every one of you must watch this show. It’s about a complicated female friendship. Elena and Lila, are the two friends.


Lila disappears without a trace. Elena tries to relive the memories of their friendship, all while she describes that very mysterious disappearance.

6. Severance 

Where to watch: Apple TV +

A psychological thriller that explores the manipulative effects of new-age technology which is ever-changing. It draws relevance to the current work situation.


One of the finest thrillers and it’s being hailed as the best show in 2022. It’s one show you’ll want to binge-watch. It’s crazy and too good.

7. Pachinko

Where to watch: Apple TV + 

It’s just superb. It follows the story of a Korean immigrant family across four generations.


It showcases their dreams and hopes to survive and thrive in their new world. You should give this one a try.

These shows are undiscovered and deserve a lot more acknowledgment. Do give these shows a try and let us know what you think of them.

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