15 Best Quotes Of Atypical

Atypical will revitalize you if you're weary of watching the same old television series. Here are 12 best quotes of Atypical.


The narrative of Sam Gardner is told in the television show Atypical. He is an 18-year-old man with autism who is navigating life and life stages with the help of his family. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best quotes of Atypical.

The episode was praised for tackling some of the regular life circumstances that families face when a family member has autism. The show first aired in 2017 and continued for four seasons. Along with incorporating autism into the program, as evidenced by these Atypical lines, the show’s reviews aided in raising awareness of the impact of autism and its portrayal in Hollywood. We have curated a list of the 15 best quotes of Atypical below.

Take a look at our list of 15 best quotes of Atypical:

  1. When I’m stressed, I recite the four species of Antarctic penguin. Adelie, Chinstrap, Emperor, and Gentoo. It helps. Mom taught me when I was little. You should try it next time you think you’re dying. Except if you really are dying, it won’t help at all.
  2. At the beginning of a journey, no one knows what to expect. They might have a vague idea the road ahead could be rough. That’s what makes new beginnings so exciting. You don’t know what will happen until it’s over.
  3. Whoever said practice makes perfect was an idiot. Humans can’t be perfect because we’re not machines. The best thing you can say about practice is that it makes…better.
  4. Autism isn’t an accomplishment. It’s something I was born with. You wouldn’t write an essay about having ten fingers and ten toes, would you? No, because that would be really, really, really, really dumb. So I’ll stick with the boobs.

    15 Best Quotes Of Atypical
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  5. I hate touching the pens at the bank. That’s not really a question. That’s just something I thought you should know.
  6. Sometimes, being touched makes me jumpy. It has to be a hard touch. Pressure. I like pressure. I don’t like soft. Is that okay to say on the first date?
  7. I learned everything I know from the dark lord herself – Mom.
  8. Zahid is the most stylish person I know. Sometimes he wears two watches.
  9. Antarctica is the most remote continent on the planet. It has 90% of the world’s ice, but it’s considered a desert because the annual rainfall is only about eight inches. You wouldn’t think it was a desert when you looked at it. That’s why I like it. It’s not what it looks like

    Kerry Magro

  10. She didn’t even mind when I locked her in my closet. That seems special and rare.
  11. We can stay here forever if you want. We can pee in the can and do college classes online. We can, you know, get old here and get a couple of cats.
  12. These are my poop shoes. That way no one knows it’s me in the bathroom cause they don’t see my shoes under the stall.
  13. They’re not just brownies, Samuel. They’re pot brownies and pot is a vegetable. Cousin of cauliflower, stepbro of sage. You know, on a proper nutritional pyramid, dank chronic is the bottom floor.
  14. Hey, now, let’s not get hysterical, alright? I mean, finger loss is an abnormal result of lying.
  15. If you lie and pretend that you like them, you’re fine. But if you tell them the truth, you get fired, you can’t afford food, and you get shanked for cutting in line at the soup kitchen. And then you die.

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