Birthday Special: Wishing a heartfelt birthday to the legendary Rishi Kapoor

Late Rishi Kapoor was born on this day in 1952 at Matunga, Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay). He was born to legendary Raj Kapoor and was the grandson of Prithvi Raj Kapoor, father of Bollywood. Coming from the ‘Kapoor Dynasty’, he contained all the attributes to be a powerhouse of acting like many inmates from his own and extended family.

He had made a small screen appearance at a very early age of three in Raj Kapoor’s ‘Shree 420’ (1955). If you could remember the iconic song from the film ‘Pyar Hua, Iqrar Hua’, you would realise the infant Rishi threw some of his glimpses there. Later in 1970, he debuted in the role of younger Raj Kapoor in ‘Mera Naam Joker’. But his first leading role came in ‘Bobby’ (1973) alongside Dimple Kapadia, the female lead in the film.

As a human being, Rishi Kapoor was a fun-loving man who could re-define what urgently young could look like, that too when the body is constantly ageing. He had throughout his life carried zest and frankness to do anything he desired.

Today is his 68th birthday and unfortunately, he is not with us to celebrate. But it matters the least because we have brought you something special from his side that will make you recall his loving characters. That special thing is in the form of five milestone roles he had played over four decades, which will, for sure, take you back to his times.

1. Raj of ‘Bobby’

Rishi Kapoor
In his debut film, Rishi Kapoor played the role of Raj Nath, the son of a rich businessman Nath, who falls in love with a young Catholic girl, Bobby. The film showcased a love story between a rich guy and a poor girl, both belonging to different faiths. It was this film in which Rishi’s innocent looks had made young girl fans go after him back then. There is an evergreen song from the film ‘Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho’, which is still listened to by even younger generation.

2. Akbar Ilhabadi of ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’

Rishi played the role of ‘Akbar Ilhabadi’, the youngest brother among Amar (Vinod Khanna) and Anthony (Amitabh Bachchan) who became a Muslim singer. Rishi had his real-life partner Neetu Singh as the love interest in the film. The movie was a cult at that time because it was made to uphold secular values of India, showing Hindu, Muslim and Christian characters as brothers. Even though they had a uterine relation with each other but were raised by three different men of a different faith.

3. Monty Oberoi of ‘Karz’

Rishi Kapoor played the role of a rockstar named Monty Oberoi, and he was also born of dead Ravi Verma’s reincarnation. The story of the film revolved around as Monty wanted to avenge his past, where he was wronged and killed by his wife. The song ‘Om Shanti Om’ would never have been this memorable if we had not seen Rishi Kapoor in it, dancing to the disco beats in a shining dress.

4. Rauf Lala of ‘Agneepath’

Rishi Kapoor shocked his fans this time with his negative role of Rauf Lala, an underworld Don. He aced the role in every aspect. The kohled eyes of Rauf Lala could wake you up from your sleep even today if you dare imagine him once in your dream. He was shown as a man, besides running a meat business, also did flesh trade. This little detail of the character is enough to get your heartbeat profusely.

5. Murad Ali of ‘Mulk’

Rishi played the role of retired advocate Murad Ali, who was fighting for the lost honour for his family when his nephew gets involved in a terrorist attack. The movie has very successfully thrown light on how people get divided into communal lines of ‘They and We’  by falling preys to some political agenda. Murad caught nuance of the character well by wanting to prove his love for the country.

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