Top 5 Cheapest Countries To Visit From India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K

An international trip is not for the faint of heart. To get on that plane and leave the nation, it takes days of study, planning, and, of course, money. To make your trip affordable, We've compiled a list of the Cheapest Countries To Visit From India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K

Budget considerations always push overseas vacations to the back burner. But not anymore, because there is a long list of the cheapest countries to visit from India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K. If you’ve always assumed that flying out of India is too expensive and that you’d have to scrimp and save for a vacation abroad, we’re here to dispel your assumptions. Forget about posh trips to the United States and the United Kingdom, and start packing your bags for a wonderful journey to these places. 

These are the cheapest countries to visit from India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K, and they will satisfy your wanderlust at an affordable price :

1. UAE 

Best Time To Visit : October to April 

Average Cost : INR 40,000 

The entire cost of a trip to Dubai is determined by the number of days you plan to spend there, the activities you want to do there, the hotel you choose, the type of food you eat there, and, of course, the airline you choose. This breakdown of estimated costs may be useful to you.

Top 5 Cheapest Countries To Visit From India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K
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Don’t be fooled into thinking that Dubai flights are prohibitively pricey. The secret to finding the greatest discounts is to plan your vacation well in advance of your departure date. The same is true in terms of lodging.

2. Malaysia 

Best Time To Visit : November to April 

Average Cost : INR 30,000 

Malaysia is a lovely and underestimated country, with everything from the dense urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur to the pristine beaches of the Perhentian Islands. Spend the day in the Cameron Highlands with a traditional tribe or on a tea farm, or trek through the massive national parks of Gunung Mulu and Taman Negara, where you’ll see tigers and orangutans. 

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Make a trip to Borneo to explore the jungle and dive at Sipadan, one of the world’s top dive sites. Furthermore, there is excellent Indian cuisine and curries available throughout the country. Malaysia offers a distinct travel experience that sets it apart from its neighbors.

3. Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit : December to April 

Average Cost : INR 20,000 

The cost will be determined by how you want to act in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the ideal spot to visit if you are on a budget. This isn’t to say that Sri Lanka isn’t luxurious. Sri Lankan travel alternatives are quite affordable. If you take public transportation, such as buses and trains, you will save a lot of money. The food alternatives are also very affordable. The lodgings are also in the mid-range. Everything, though, depends on how much convenience you’re searching for.

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The majority of visitors to Sri Lanka chose to go clockwise across the island’s southwestern regions. It is advised, on the other hand, to do the exact opposite. Traveling counter-clockwise allows you to see all of Sri Lanka’s amazing sights while also avoiding the crowds. If you’re traveling in the other direction from everyone else, you’ll have a considerably simpler time buying tickets on the famed train between Kandy and Ella.

4. Bhutan

Best Time To Visit : October to November

Average Cost : INR 20,000 

Bhutan is likely the most affordable international destination for an Indian. A five-day journey to Bhutan can easily be done for INR 20,000 with a little frugality. Although Indian people do not require a visa to enter Bhutan, they do require a permission, which is free of charge. It is suggested that the permit be obtained in Kolkata. The permit can be obtained through the Royal Consulate of Bhutan in Kolkata.

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During the day, visit the key sights of Thimphu before catching the last bus to Paro in the evening. Make your reservations first thing in the morning. You’d arrive in Paro in the evening. Paro is a small town that may be explored on foot. Bhutan accepts Indian rupee for payment. The Ngultrum, Bhutan’s currency, is the same as the Indian Rupee. Bhutanese people are quite welcoming. The crime rate is extremely low. As a result, traveling in Bhutan is safer than in India.

5. Nepal

Best Time To Visit : October to December

Average Cost : INR 20,000 

Packages you’ve purchased for your trip to Nepal. Of course, if you have purchased an Everest Climbing package, it will be costly. I can assure you that most adventure tourism packages, such as bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, and other extreme sports, are cheaper in Nepal than anywhere else on the planet. The rates of a five-star hotel and a resort-hotel are vastly different. Before visiting Nepal, you should make sure your accommodation is in good working order.

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In Nepal, the most popular foods are momo, chow mein, and thukpa. These foods can be found in any location of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is also less expensive. If this is your first visit to Nepal, you should hire a registered climbing guide. I recommend that you come in a group rather than wandering alone in the trekking areas.


So these were the Cheapest Countries to Visit from India to get rid of the myth of non – affordability. The Cheapest Countries To Visit From India In 2022 Which Will Cost You Less Than 40K to visit on this list offer both affordability and value for money. Which of the countries among these have you already visited and which would you rate as your best experience. Let us know in the comment section. 

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