15 Creative Restaurant Names That Went Wrong

If you are looking for some creative names for your new restaurant, you wouldn’t find one because the most creative ones are already taken. Don’t believe me? Here see it for yourself.

No wonder it is always the delicious, sizzling food at the restaurant that makes you visit again but for the first time it is the catchy restaurant names that turn your heads, don’t you agree?

In 2019 delivery app Zomato asked about the most unusual names of restaurants one has come across and the Twitter thread had us all in gags. Here we bring to you some of the creative names or rather too much creativeness around the globe that gave away double meanings or sexual innuendo to the restaurant names and killed our appetite unknowingly.

1. Herpes Pizza :

I would rather die out of hunger.

Pic Source: Infinite Profit

2. Lick-a-chick (Canada) :

Did I mention being a vegetarian? No? Well, I am telling you now.

Picture Source: TripAdvisor

3. Potty’s Restaurant (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala) :

I am not hungry anymore.

Picture Source: Telangana Today

4. Vagina Tandoori Indian Cuisine (Dublin, Ireland) :

I wonder do they serve chicken tandoori?

Picture Source:Flickriver

5. Cabbages and Condoms (Bangkok):

So thoughtful of them!

Picture Source: Global  Travel Mate

6. Pizza Orgasmico (San Francisco) :

Just cheeze pizza, please.

Picture Source: San fransisco Chronicle

7. Butt Sweet House (Pakistan) :

Butt I don’t have a sweet tooth, you see.

Picture Source: TravelBlog

8. Man-ho Chinese (Bangkok) :

Not into Chinese anymore, Sir.

Picture Source: Reddit

9.  The Second Wife Restaurant (Allahabad, India) :

Picture Source: Justdial

Not happening in this life! I wouldn’t suggest taking your wife out here.

10. Tatti Pizza :

I am doubtful if I ever loved Pizza. 

Picture Source : Navbharat Times

11. The golden Stool (Canada) :

What did I do to deserve this?!

Well, the bar and night club serves amazing Ghanaian food.

Picture Source: Pinterest

12. Dirty Dick’s (Edinburgh) :

I want to puke.

Picture Source : TripAdvisor

13. Fu King Chinese (Mumbai) :

Pun and Chinese what a combination. It reminds of our 2020 mood ‘we Fu king miss Chinese’

Picture Source : Pinterest

14. Pench-o the Restaurant (Dehradun) :

Woah, hold on. Indian is after all Indian. You wouldn’t find a match at all, would you?

Picture Source: Youtube

15. The Three Cocks (Wales) :

Cocks or Cocks?

Picture Source : TripAdvisor

Well, those are some really creative names but it seems they totally failed.

Tell us about your experience of coming across such unusual restaurant names and would you mind eating in one of them?


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