Our Fav Movies & Shows We Watched On Disney+ Hotstar In 2021

Get your binge-watching on with these fantastic Disney+ Hotstar shows.

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Hotstar has long been regarded as one of India’s most popular streaming services. Apart from hosting big-ticket sporting events like the Indian Premier League, it’s also a hotspot for some of the top English TV shows and films available to stream in India.

Hotstar was renamed Disney+ Hotstar after being acquired by Disney, and it became even more enticing with the addition of new Disney TV series and movies.

Hotstar not only has a large selection of Disney content, but it also has the biggest and most popular TV shows from HBO, Showtime, ABC, and other networks.

So we’ve produced a list of all the top TV series and movies from 2021 that you can watch right now on Hotstar-

1. Cruella

Estella is a young and astute thief who is hell-bent on making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Our Fav Movies & Shows We Watched On Disney+ Hotstar In 2021


She quickly finds a pair of criminals who share her penchant for mischief, and the three of them make a living on the streets of London.

When Estella befriends fashion legend, Baroness von Hellman, however, she embraces her dark side and transforms into the boisterous and revenge-driven Cruella.

2. Loki

On Disney+ Hotstar, Marvel’s god of mischief got his own show. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, it takes place.

Loki is apprehended by the secretive Time Variance Authority (TVA) and labeled a variation for tampering with the universe’s holy timeline.



As part of his penance, he is charged with bringing order to the shattered timeline by assisting in the capture of another of his kinda variation Loki.

As Loki travels through other realms and planets, many secrets emerge, including the TVA’s actuality and the identity of its creators.

3. What If…?

The series looks at various timelines in the multiverse to see what would happen if important events in the MCU films were to occur differently.


Bradley is the main writer, and Bryan Andrews is the director. Many MCU film actors reprise their roles, including Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher, who narrates the series.

4. Wanda Vision

This is one of the most bizarre superhero series you’ll ever see. WandaVision chronicles the narrative of Marvel characters Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision, as the title suggests (Paul Bettany).

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The comedy pays homage to sitcoms from various eras in each episode. The program picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which a bereft Wanda uses her magic to take over a town and build a make-believe world to her liking.

Can she keep her fantasy alive indefinitely? Find out by watching the series on Disney+ Hotstar.

5. Succession

Do you want to take a vacation from the bleak (but intriguing) crime stories you’ve been reading so far? Something a little unusual for you. Succession is the TV show to watch if you want to get a glimpse into the lifestyles and family dynamics of the ultra-wealthy.

Although the series is obviously fictional, we perceive the power struggle shown in it to be extremely genuine.


The plot revolves around a media mogul’s succession plan, which involves three sons and a daughter all fighting for the hot seat after he retires.

These people exude wealth, and watching the show may make you feel anxious about your own financial situation. This family, on the other hand, is very dysfunctional, and its members will go to any length for the sake of the throne.

6. Mare of Easttown

To say Kate Winslet is the best thing about Brad Ingelsby’s short series Mare of Easttown is to ignore the show’s powerful themes.


However, Winslet’s Mare is such a well-developed character that it nearly overshadows how expertly the play deals with the weight of responsibility, the impossibility to keep close relationships together, and the psychological effects of unprocessed grief.

As a result, an amazing series emerges, one that employs the traditional crime investigation narrative to dive into larger issues.

7. The White Lotus

What may go wrong in an idyllic beach resort? There’s a lot more to it than lying on the beach and sipping margaritas.


During a week at the all-inclusive resort, The White Lotus follows the narrative of visitors and staff.

The six-episode mini-series lends a hint of gloom to an otherwise bright environment. It’s a fascinating show that won’t take over your life because there are only a few episodes. And it’s all available on Hotstar.

8. Only Murders in the Building

Only Murders in the Building, like the best true crime shows it aspires to be like, isn’t really about solving a crime. It’s all about questioning the people and processes responsible for the crime’s context.

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In the case of the Hulu comedy, those humans and systems are Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, who have all launched a podcast after a resident of their apartment building is murdered.

9. Encanto

The Madrigals are an incredible family who resides in the Encanto, a magical region in Colombia’s mountains. Except for Mirabel, Encanto’s enchantment has bestowed a special gift on every one of the family’s children.


When she realizes that the enchantment around the Encanto is suddenly in jeopardy, she may become the Madrigals’ last hope.



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