‘FRIENDS’ – A Dose For Good Health?

Who's denying it? FRIENDS is one of the most loved sitcoms of all time, so much so that its fans consider it a dose for a healthier life. Here are the reasons we could gather for you to have a look.

‘FRIENDS’ - A Dose For Good Health?

FRIENDS, a show that needs absolutely no introduction. I mean, what Rock do you live under if you haven’t heard of it, let alone watched it. It was recently in the news for its episodic ‘Friends: The Reunion’, which came out on May 27th, 2021.

If it still doesn’t ring a bell, then you sure need to check what planet you’re living on, for the earth loves these six goofy friends from Central Perk.

Here’s a list of reasons you might agree with, if you’re a true fan, as to why/how it is healthy for your heart and soul:

1. It is a high dose of serotonin 

Are you having a bad day? Round day? Gloomy day? Unproductive day? Useless day?

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through; FRIENDS will give you your daily dose of serotonin and make you feel like life is not that bad after all.

2. It helps cope with anxiety 

When in anxiety, switch to FRIENDS. It is as simple as that. It’s a shame people had been disregarding anxiety as a non-serious issue, but now that we’re addressing the elephant in the room and struggling to find our own ways to keep our nerves intact, here’s one small dose of laughs that has got your back.

3. Help fight dark thoughts

We have all gone through the phase when our demons come to life, and we can’t help but let that darkness take over us. In those moments of loneliness and sometimes even emptiness, FRIENDS can be a warm hug on your cold body that’ll help you fight away those dark thoughts.

It might not necessarily give you a solution, but it sure will help you get through the night and see the breaking of the dawn.

4. It is home away from home

Nostalgia is not necessarily missing your home. One can be at home and still miss it. It is the void we feel when there isn’t that familiar surrounding that we were used to.

This could be because you miss a friend, a family member, your favorite food, your last read book, the series you just finished, or even your favorite blanket but worry, not FRIENDS is here to make you feel at home. Watching it is like coming to a warm aromatic home after a rough day in the cold.

5. It keeps you motivated 

At times one doesn’t need a new surrounding or atmosphere to find motivation, a little something that reminds us of how far we’ve already gotten from where we started can serve as the best motivation to not give up.

Watching FRIENDS is exactly like that. It reminds us of those old days when we first started watching it and we see how far we really have come after all and we can’t really give up now.

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