Jeetenge Hum – As Presented By Lottoland

In 2020, Jeetenge Hum became the unofficial song in India that rallied the people together to overcome the challenges the nation faced with the crisis created by Covid-19.

Jeetenge Hum - As Presented By Lottoland

In 2020, Jeetenge Hum became the unofficial song in India that rallied the people together to overcome the challenges the nation faced with the crisis created by Covid-19. The song, recorded by the young recording star, Dhvano Bhanushali ignites the spirit of the Indian people with its message of positivity and hope. The message quickly spread across the troubled land of India and across a battle-worn world.

Lottoland recognized the need for this kind of initiative. They realized the unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic. They also realized the amazing strength, resolve, and spirit of the Indian people. Here lie the miracles that go unnoticed. 

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Lottoland proudly sponsored a campaign headed by the largest and most diversified media group in India, Network-18. This campaign would span a two-month period and would bring out some of the biggest names in Bollywood to help spread the message that began with the song Jeetenge Hum. The campaign would be designed to get the attention of every person in India, no matter who they were and no matter what challenges they were facing. That message is, “We will hang in there. We will survive. We will win!” The message of positivity would spread across the land and hope would spread from one person to the next until everyone felt hope. 


The event began with a musicthon. The campaign gave these stars the virtual stage to create their musical journeys and inspirational stories. It featured global stars such as:


This duo holds multiple awards for their work in the music industry in song and film. They were each born in Mumbai and inspired by their father, Sadruddin Merchant, composer, and veteran of the film industry in India. A small sample of their songs include:


Playback Artist, actor, and television presenter Shaan has an impressive career. He records in many venues and many languages. His real name is Shantanu Mukherjee. Some of his recordings include: 

Shankar Mahadevan

This amazing Indian-Pop singer has recorded more than 7,000 songs in various languages. His album “Breathless,” released in 1998, topped the charts for an incredible 10-weeks. The single, by the same name, continues for 3-minutes without the artists taking a break. 

Kanika Kapoor

In 2012, Kanika Kapoor exploded on the Bollywood scene with Jugni Ji and has never looked back. She recorded Baby Doll in 2014 for the movie Ragini MMS2 and Lovely and Kamlee for the film Happy New Year in the same year. She had an impressive string of hits in 2015 and 2019 and was even one of the judges on The Voice Season 3. 

Akasa Singh

Akasa Singh debuted in reality tv before breaking through and being signed with Sony Music. Her debut single was Thug Ranjha which had 27 million views. As of September 2021, it had 54 million. 

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Positive stories

The next part of the campaign is perhaps the most important. This is where famous actors come out to rally the people and share positive stories. These feature names such as:

They remind us that together, we can do anything. We can always find a solution if we work as one people. They remind us that inside each of us is a spirit of strength, kindness, and well-being. Even when one of us is weakened, together, we find strength. The examples they share, give us the spark of hope we need to light the fires of unity in each of us for our nation, and for recovery.


The presentation was concluded with multiple award winner and international star Manoj Bajpayee with Anand Narasimhan, along with normal, everyday heroes from the positive stories mentioned above. It is in this spirit that Lottoland humbly honors the Indian nation. For in India, people of every station of life join hands and work together for the good of each other. Each person will use his talents to help those who need help. If one person is in need, all are in need. When India succeeds, all of India succeeds. 

This is how the Jeetenge Hum message was conceived, and this is what keeps it alive today. As long as there is one person who is suffering from Covid in India, we will fight it, together. 

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