8 K-Dramas That Deserves Your Attention!

We are done talking about English TV Shows every day, it is time to focus on some of the K-Dramas now! Here is the list of K-Dramas that deserves your attention–

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While providing relaxation and respite during the stressful years of the pandemic, K-Dramas have gradually taken over the world– and for all the right reasons.

Yes, they can make us cry like a baby sometimes. But they are still fun to watch owing to the diverse themes and subjects they cover. 

With hundreds of K-dramas released daily, it is difficult to choose, so we have made it easy for you, curating a list of some of the best K-Dramas that deserves all your attention– 

1. Hello, Me! 

Who doesn’t dream of going back in time to teach their younger self some important lessons? Bahn Ha-ni lives our dream in this show when her present hopeless self-time travels to meet her fearless and happy-go-lucky 17-year-old self.

8 K-Dramas That Deserves Your Attention!
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Hello, Me! has to be the most underrated K-drama as it is amusing and delivers a beautiful message as well. 

2. A Piece Of Your Mind 

A Piece Of Your Mind is a story about an AI programmer who has had a crush on his childhood friend for 10 years and can’t stop loving her even when she gets married.

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The show focuses on the meaning and importance of first love and how it teaches you to never give up on love– even if you have to give up on that special person.

You will definitely yearn to fall in love after watching it. 

3. Come and Hug Me 

This K-Drama reflects another aspect of love where the main leads find their paths constantly reuniting because of a murder case related to their past.

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The two, slowly and gradually, muster up the courage to encounter the demons of their past and through love win against it.

Come and Hug Me has a lot of childhood trauma that may be far from reality but can still show us the power of love. 

4. One Spring Night 

Jeong-in is leading a normal life by working in a library and dating a banker for the past four years. Things begin to go sideways when she meets Ji-ho, a pharmacist, who helps her recognize her fading relationship.

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And as luck would have it, she ends up liking him only to find out that he is a single dad. Trying to fight stereotypes and taboos together, Jeong-in and Ji-ho stick to each other while demonstrating their raw side. 

5. Oh My Venus 

Done watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha (another great show, btw), Shin Min-a has another great series for you focusing on family, friendship, and love.

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Kang Joo-Eun, who was once the “best face” or ulzzang in South Korea, has seen everything– people being jealous of her and her 15-year long boyfriend breaking up with her due to her weight gain.

Everything changes in her life when she meets Kim Young-ho– Oh My Venus is a show that celebrates flaws and imperfections. 

6. You Drive Me Crazy 

You might have seen several series and movies showing best friends accidentally end up sleeping together? But this is a K-drama, so things are going to be different (and a lot better).

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Han Eun-sung and Kim Rae-wan have been friends for 8 years but a single night compels them to revisit their bond and re-think numerous parts of their friendship.

You Drive Me Crazy is the opposite of love at first sight, it concentrates on the love that blooms slowly. 

7. Dear My Friends 

There is a specialty of K-Dramas–they touch upon different subjects. Dear My Friends is a story about people in their old age as they seek to discover themselves once again.

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A painstakingly raw and real story, it follows their families and children, portraying their struggles while exhibiting the challenges of old age.

8. Run On 

A lighthearted and heartwarming watch, Run On is a story about people who are destined to be together – a former sprinter and a woman who write subtitles for movies.

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If you are looking for your usual pleasing K-dramas that is filled with cute and adorable moments–this one is for you!

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