Underrated Movies That Are Available On OTT Platforms

OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video portray themselves as trusty companions with a wave of different movies and series that promise to keep us occupied and distracted until 2022.


Cinema will never realize its full potential if it is not accessible. Stories require brains to which they can cling. Thanks to OTT services, these fantastic films are now available to a broader audience.

Scroll down to view the films available for streaming and the platforms on which they are available-

1. The French Dispatch

Streaming on- Disney+Hotstar

This film has everything for Wes Anderson fans!

Absurdly hilarious tongue-twisting monologues alternate with bursts of intense melodic conversation exchanges, heightened this time by the usage of various languages and the employment of subtitles in a visually innovative way.

Underrated Movies That Are Recently Available On OTT Platforms
Image Source: digitalmafiatalkies

His characteristic photos are carefully detailed, completely framed images that appear to use every color that has ever existed in the color palette. Each frame of a film is a work of art. Hair and make-up that defy gravity and symmetry are impossible to achieve.

All of the scenes are situated in historical settings.

It is available on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

2. Literally Every Wong Kar-Wai Movie

Streaming on-Mubi 

Wong Kar-Wai is a Chinese new wave writer and director who is undoubtedly Hong Kong’s most acclaimed and best-known filmmaker and is arguably the Quentin Tarantino of Hong Kong’s cinema landscape.

Wong Kar-Wai’s work spans decades, and his distinct and highly stylized films have established him as an architect in his own right.

Image Source: indiewire

He has acquired this title by continuously producing high-quality pictures, the vast majority of which have been commercial and critical triumphs.

Here are some of Wong Kar-best Wai’s films that are available to stream on the OTT platform Mubi- Chungking Express (1994), Happy Together (1997), Fallen Angels (1995), and My Blueberry Nights (2007).

3. West Side Story

Streaming on- Disney+Hotstar

Incredible recreation of a classic narrative of love at first sight in 1950s New York, directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg and featuring spectacular visuals and spectacle.

While having the new character of Valentina, the inclusion of Rita Moreno serves to pay respect to the 1961 original. Ariana Debose and Mike Faist, who play Anita and Riff, respectively, provide exceptional performances and are the show’s standouts.

Image Source: stylecaster

Rachel Zegler, who plays Maria, also gives a stellar performance and charming voice. Many of the characters are given greater complexity in Tony Kushner’s script, particularly Chino, who is substantially different from the 1961 original and is given more screen time.

It is available on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

4. Paprika

Streaming on- Netflix

This film isn’t for everyone. I didn’t understand it at first, either, until I realized I couldn’t relate to anything else.

There is a never-ending battle between past and present selves, your past, future, and future selves. A “self” isn’t you and doesn’t exist, fighting for you. Paprika is a film that hit me right in the feels; I recognized myself in it.

Image Source: Animation World Network

Another thing I’d want to point out is that the animation is stunning, and the music is excellent. It has an odd and unusual sense that makes you want to listen to it nonstop, but you’re not sure what makes it so addictive; you must pay attention.

It is available on the OTT platform Netflix.

5. Good Time

Streaming on- Amazon Prime Video

Fantastic movie! I’d been a fan of the Safdie brothers since seeing their hypnotic “Uncut Gems,” and I went into this film knowing that it was his performance in “Good Time” that landed Robert Pattinson, the role in “The Batman.” 

And what a movie it is! This film has flown into my all-time favorites list because it is simultaneously electrifying, throbbing, and scary!

Image Source: vice

“Good Time” is more of an experience than a movie. It is an impression of what it’s like to live in a world most of us would prefer to avoid and routinely disregard.

It is available on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

6. A Woman Is a Woman

Streaming on- Mubi

Despite its moments of song and dancing, A Woman Is a Woman is not what you might expect from a musical. It was dubbed “the idea of a musical,” “nostalgia for the musical,” and, most controversially, a “neorealist musical” by the filmmaker.

Godard was making a film on his own making for the first time. A Woman Is a Woman was shot in five weeks in late 1960, with a thorough treatment but no script. Godard claims he followed his belief “word for word, down to the last comma.”

Image Source: letterboxd

Yet, he believed this neorealist experiment was his most random picture because he created the dialogue each day as his actors were making up.

It is available on the OTT platform on Mubi.

7. Spencer

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

We all know it’s a work of fiction (or, as the film states, a “fable inspired by tragic events”) before we walk into the theatre, but we’re curious about how significant it was in Princess Diana’s life.

The plot and dialogue are so well-crafted that we are convinced that what transpired at Sandringham those three days could have happened in real life by the end of the film.

Image Source: IMDb

Kristen Stewart’s delicate characterization of the late Princess of Wales is pure dynamite, thanks to the exceptional director Pablo Larrain. Last but not least, the setting of the film is just stunning.

I advise you to view this fantastic film.

It is available on the OTT platform on Amazon Prime Video.

8. Drive My Car

Streaming on- Mubi

Drive My Car continues my case that three-hour films are great as long as they keep you fully involved. After losing his wife, a middle-aged theatrical actor comes to Hiroshima to direct a show. During this time, he befriends his aloof chauffeur and a younger player coping with a misconduct dilemma.

Drive My Car is a great character study about remorse. I liked how this film disregarded a one-sided viewpoint and investigated the subject in a balanced manner.

The three protagonists each have their traumas and perspectives, whether genuine regret, ambiguous regret, or no regret.

Image Source: The New Yorker

I was engrossed in each of these characters’ paths of self-acceptance and how they supported one another. Excellent acting and chemistry. Drive My Car made me think about prior decisions and how they might have been different.

A rich and human film that justifies its length. Even though animation dominated much of 2021 for me, I believe Drive My Car is the year’s best live-action picture.

It is available on the OTT platform Mubi.

So, in April 2022, these are the top 8 movies streaming across all major OTT platforms in India. Which ones are you most looking forward to seeing? Which ones have you seen thus far? Please leave your thoughts in the section below.

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