9 Stages Of Love Ft. Fictional Characters

Not all of us have the best relationship status and some of us daydream about fictional characters all the time! So, here is a post dedicated to all those people who cry for their fictional ships– Stages of Love Ft. Fictional Characters

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Love is a flower. It does not sprout up in a single day. It blossoms gradually to develop into a beautiful aspect of one’s life. All of this has been characterized in films and TV series in different ways.

Our fictional characters have shown us the stages of love in probably the most heart-warming way–with their feelings, theatrical skills, and dialogues.

Here are the stages of love but through the lens of some of the tales of fictional characters– 

1. Love at First Sight

The Japanese phrase “Koi No Yokan” translates to that feeling you get when looking at someone that you will eventually fall in love with them.

9 Stages Of Love Ft. Fictional Characters

It is closer to Love at First Sight because you know that a new chapter might finally be opening in your life.

Jack looking at Rose for the first time and unable to look away has to be the classic example of love at first sight. 

2. Friendship 

Jake and Amy, Monica and Chandler are the perfect couples who went from friends to lovers. From roasting each other to slowly realizing the romantic feelings they had, friendship is always a strong part of a relationship.


Amy and Jake further proved how strong this bond can be as they dealt with every predicament with a unique understanding.

3. Getting To Know Each Other 

You might not be able to figure out a person at once– Loki and Sylvie demonstrated how we can create prejudices for someone and only after we get to know them, we can notice how beautiful they can be.


4. Thinking About Them 

Love and Other Drugs depicted how a casual relationship bloomed into an intimate bond.

Charac Tour

Jamie was not the kind of guy who would bring food, call her partner just to hear her voice, and wait all night at a bus stop for her– but he actually did all of it.

Because that’s how love is supposed to be– it crawls eventually to your heart and you can’t remove it easily. 

5. Can’t Live Without Contacting Them For A Day 

We can begin this with several couples but who would be better than Tokyo and Rio?


Rio’s inability to pass a single day without contacting Tokyo literally descended him to months of torment and sparked off a full heist. 

6. Waiting for Their Message

Hazel Grace and Augustus depicted the accuracy of how desperately we wait for their message and the light that spreads across our face– accept it, we all have been there.

The Rowing rooster

That sensation of waiting for a letter in the 19th or 20th Century was replaced with a text in the contemporary world. 

7. Eager to Meet Them 

Dexter and Emma, through a heart-wrenching tale, displayed the complication of a long-distance relationship.


There are hurdles and different people that we meet along the way– it is not easy to stick to one person when you know they are not going to be there to comfort you every day.

8. You Get Back As Soon As Possible After a Fight 

Love is not a sunny day without clouds. The rainfall is going to show up someday with lightning and thunderstorms but when they recede, you get back together.


Considering the spider-man fever, we are going to go with Gwen and Peter Parker. When Peter said, “You are always gonna be my path” after breaking up with Gwen!!

9. Dreaming of Spending Your Life with Them 

Ending the list with our Bollywood OTP, Naina and Kabir had a number of differences in their life.


Even after being the polar opposite of each other, they still gathered the courage to try and meet in between all the issues.



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