Top 5 gaming mouse under Rs 3000

Only a competitive gamer knows the significance of a mouse in competitive gaming.

The greatest gaming mouse is essentially an extension of yourself that reaches into every game world you interact with. It’s one of the most important ways you interact with your games, and the finest mouse is a must-have for maximizing your performance.

If you’re a gamer looking for the finest gaming mouse under 3000 rupees in India, you’ve come to the right place. This is the list for you.

When you play games on your computer or laptop, you’ll notice that there’s a distinction between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. You may adjust the sensitivity on a gaming mouse to make your gaming experience more realistic.

Buzzlist offers you the handpicked basket of our top picks for a seamless gaming experience


Corsair M55 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Corsair is a global leader in gaming equipment, and the M55, with its 12,400 DPI and optical sensor for high-accuracy tracking, is a favorite among elite gamers.

This one is as light as a feather, believe the fact that. This mouse includes Omron switches with a 50 million click rating and a quality braided cord for added durability. For RGB fans, there’s only a bright Corsair logo to look at.

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For ultra-fast gaming, sophisticated sensor technology is used. The Hyperion Fury combines a Logitech Delta Zero optical sensor with a Fusion Engine hybrid sensor to achieve tracking rates of over 500 IPS.

Customize to match your preferred gaming style. 8 programmable buttons allow you to personalize your mouse. It’s everything right there at your fingertips, whether you want to throw a grenade or swiftly check your inventory. Setup is a breeze with the optional Logitech Gaming Software.

There are four options to give you more flexibility over how you play. In a flash, change between four DPI settings.

Snipe an adversary across the map (250 DPI) before escaping in a flash (4000 DPI). You have the freedom to react to the turmoil of combat with accuracy thanks to on-the-fly DPI change.


Acer Predator Cestus 310 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Acer Cestus 310 is the perfect gaming mouse for you. It allows you to control the pace of your game with up to 4200 DPI settings.

It also has a comfortable grip design for a comfortable gaming experience. Furthermore, even when you swap PCs, its inbuilt memory retains your game settings.

The Cestus 310 is the ultimate palm grip mouse for any situation, thanks to its accuracy and comfort. Whether you’re playing online or offline, its ergonomic design keeps you in the game and guides you to success.

Accuracy comes included with up to 4,200 DPI and 48 IPS tracking. You’ll appreciate how smoothly your fingers glide across it—scroll, rotate, and slide without missing a beat. You’ve won the match! They were doomed from the start!


HP OMEN Vector (Radar 3 Sensor) Mouse

Up to 16,000dpi with 99 percent accuracy, 450 IPS, acceleration, and self-calibration1 are all features of the OMEN Radar 3 sensor. Sculpted to suit your hand precisely. With a textured rubber grip and a snag-proof silky cable, you’ll have an exceptionally pleasant gaming experience.
Enjoy utilizing a snag-resistant, silky braided cable that’s made to last and won’t get tangled.

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Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma Gaming Mouse

Cosmic Byte is a well-known Indian business that specializes in gaming peripherals, and their Equinox Gamma is a low-cost entry-level wired gaming mouse that costs approximately 3K rupees.

This gaming mouse has been designed with right-handed users in mind.

Equinox Gamma has 12 programmable buttons that you may use to personalize the mouse to your preferences. The Equinox Gamma’s body is made of reinforced plastic material with a matte anti-skid UV coating layer.

This will allow you to maintain a good hold on the mouse while playing for extended periods of time.

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The buttons on this mouse are OMRON micro switches, which provide high quality and tactile feel. With over 10 million clicks, this device is your perfect option for the ultimate gaming experience.


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