A Heartfelt Letter To Veronica From Cocktail

This year Cocktail will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Nearly a decade later, our favourite character from the film remains Veronica. Even though the film was not a smash hit, it received significant praise from the audience and over time claimed a position in our favourites from Hindi Cinema.

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Dear Veronica,

It is more than a decade since we were introduced to the world of Cocktail– and since then, you were successful in heralding the first spot when it comes to being an unapologetic adult who doesn’t get lost like others in the difficulties of life.

But that didn’t mean you had no issues or adult life problems torturing you, you just had an overly optimistic approach about these things. 

Your entry itself was a basket of fun and coming across as a badass who would always be mean and rude to others, you were entirely different in reality. Due to your failure or rather I should say accomplishment of not fitting inside the societal norms, even some of us judged you as a spoiled brat.

A Heartfelt Letter To Veronica From Cocktail

And you proved us completely wrong. Just one look at Meera and her condition, and you opened your big heart for her.

You gave shelter to a complete stranger inside your home because somewhere amidst all the jolliness, you recognized the helplessness a dependent woman felt when she stumbled alone.

Yes, you might be the queen of no strings attached relationships, but that was solely your decision. The habit of analyzing someone’s personality on the grounds of their private decision is no less than a blunder of which all of us are guilty.

When it comes to friendship duos, Meera and Veronica are still one of our favorites. You both were the polar opposite of each other but embraced these differences and even learned from them.


The cocktail was remarkable in portraying the varied shades and shapes of freedom. Whether open-minded or conservative, as long as the woman living her life is happy, we couldn’t care less.

But, looking back, it actually pointed at several wrong things. Gautam takes Meera to meet his parents because you weren’t dressed in the right way, that’s where the trouble began. You started changing yourself because somehow all of that pressure made you feel as if you needed to change to conform to being a wedded wife.

And there was Meera, a conventional Indian woman with her sanskaars loved by everyone because of her humbleness and modesty. Yes, love has no boundaries and no parameters.

Gautam can fall in love with anyone on the entire planet because that’s how love works. Yes, you needed a certain level of maturity to be in a developed relationship with Gautam and none of you had it except Meera.


But, I wish there were a was someone, anyone, to tell you that even if Gautam fell in love with her simplicity, it doesn’t make your charisma any bad. However, it is sometimes okay to learn things the hard way, as long as you are ready to accept the truth that has been staring at you for a long time. 

Life is a rollercoaster ride that has to experience the downs as well because who enjoys a straight ride without bumps along the way?

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