7 Visually Pleasing Movies You Can Watch On Amazon Prime

We can watch them all day on repeat, they're that pleasing. Check them out!

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Amazon Prime Video is taking up the tab as Netflix devotes more resources to original content, offering new and visually pleasing movies to its subscribers every month.

Its library has grown to the point that it’s a little daunting — yet, at the same time, movies that are included with a Prime subscription change status regularly, becoming available solely for rental or purchase.

It’s a lot to sort through, so we’ve compiled a list of the finest visually pleasing movies available right now with a Prime subscription-

1. Dune

Dune‘s biggest feature is without a doubt the breathtaking and pleasing visuals from beginning to end. Director Denis Villeneuve has put together a stunning selection of scenes that are simply breathtaking.

7 Visually Pleasing Movies You Can Watch On Amazon Prime
Image Source: Variety

One thing you’ll note is how the cinematography complements so many of the film’s components. Dune is so well-made that it could be watched on mute and yet be entertaining.

Unlike the original film and TV series, the plot was simple to follow.

2. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

One of the most beautiful and profoundly original works of art you’ll ever encounter.

Image Source: indiewire

This film is a living, breathing artwork that not only captures the beautiful form of its topic in unique ideas but also suggests new forms and transforms the audience into new subjects.

Every shot feels like a private and pleasing visual composition by a brilliant expressionist painter.

3. A Death In The Gunj

The movie has quietly beautiful undertones of a person in mourning, melancholy, and escapism, attempting to make sense of the chaos of a loved one’s death and the unexpected load of household responsibilities.

Image Source: India today

The film unfolds slowly for the patient viewer, yet it is captivating enough to keep your attention.

The characters are convincing, and by the conclusion of the film, you’ve come to understand and sympathize with them, which is a remarkable success for a first-time director, so kudos to Konkona Sen Sharma.

4. Kimi

Kimi is a remake of the Jimmy Stewart classic “Rear Window,” starring the underappreciated Zoe Kravitz as the film’s only saving grace.

Image Source: Empire Online

Kimi incorporates Covid’s isolating effects into the plot, and while it isn’t a significant issue or pushed down the viewer’s throat, it is done so infrequently and with such little relevance that it begs the question of why it is included in the film at all.

Because Steven Soderbergh is in charge, Kimi will receive more credit than it deserves, as will the main character, who is nothing more than a mash-up of Gen Y/Z clichés.

5. Spencer

There are no wasted images in this masterfully recorded film. The outfit is gorgeous, but it is also extremely exposing.

Beautiful pieces like antique Chanel suits and magnificent silk designer dresses are used by Pablo not only as an ode to Lady Spencer’s renowned couture but also as an instrument of insurrection and tyranny at the same time.

Image Source: theindianexpress

Kristen Stewart gives an even greater performance. The fluid camerawork gives the impression that viewers are members of the press following Diana around the halls of Sandringham House.

Mathon’s cinematography’s duality allows viewers to feel as if they’re watching Diana while simultaneously seeing things from her point of view.

6. Minari

A slow burn, Minari is a zealous zest of life that is articulated exquisitely.

Image Source: letterboxd

However, if you look at it from a more positive perspective, it is a portrayal of a roller-coaster ride of a family who chose to stick together regardless of the odds. The colors of life have been beautifully portrayed in this wonderful film.

Each character has justified their roles immaculately. The more you dive deep into their life the more you will connect with yours. It is all about the bonding of a family and the pursuit of togetherness.

7. House of Gucci

The movie delves into the family disintegration that formerly held sway over this prominent but aging design house. Character depictions, personal greed, historical markers that upended the Gucci family with plot and counter-plot, and a high-quality production all contributed to the film’s success.

Image Source: thehollywoodreporter

It has a light touch on the actual fashion side, but doing so would have taken away from the major focus – a character-by-character historical chronicle of the Gucci family’s problems.

It’s a film that rambles without much of a uniting subject. However, the film is often redeemed by over-the-top performances that turn it into a thoroughly enjoyable fashion opera.

So this was the list of visually pleasing movies on Amazon Prime. Mention your favorite film in the comments below.

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