Best Sheldon Cooper Quotes From Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper is one of the most hilarious characters on television. Here are the best Sheldon Cooper quotes from Young Sheldon to prove it.

Best Sheldon Cooper Quotes From Young Sheldon

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Sheldon is a character who can easily become irritating, but Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage’s performances ensure that spectators find him endearing while recognizing how his intelligence and cluelessness affect people around him.

The series Young Sheldon, which is a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory is loved by many across the globe. In this article we are going to discuss some of the best Sheldon Cooper quotes from Young Sheldon.

Despite the fact that season five is coming to an end, fans of Young Sheldon may rest easy knowing that the show has been renewed for a seventh season. Comedy is a vital component of the show as the stories go and the personalities are fully explored. Every character brings a unique brand of humor to the table, resulting in a winning combination.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory were drawn to Young Sheldon because of Sheldon’s personality and sense of humor, which demonstrated that an adolescent Sheldon could be just as amusing. Because certain things never change, Sheldon’s snappy comebacks and ruthless honesty have been a part of his personality since boyhood. We have compiled a list of Best of Sheldon Cooper quotes from Young Sheldon below.

Check out our list of the best of Sheldon Cooper’s quotes from Young Sheldon:

  1. “Did you know that if gravity were slightly more powerful, the universe would collapse into a ball?” 
  2. “I’m only nine years old. Most evil doesn’t start till puberty.”
  3.  “Welcome to the church of Mathology. Today I’d like to talk about prime numbers and why they give us joy.”
  4. “You Talk To An Invisible Man In The Sky Who Grants Wishes. If Anyone’s Mental, It’s You!”
  5. “The average American consumes 55 pounds of beef per year. And then there’s Texas, where we can knock that off in a couple of months. Maybe faster if we’re talking about smoked brisket.” 
  6. “I’m Starting My Own Religion.”  “That’s Terrific, Sheldon, But This Is A Baptist Sunday School.”  “I Know, I’m Here To Convert Everybody.”
  7. “Science fact: Sisters are the worst.”
  8. “I can’t see myself living in California. I don’t trust their carefree lifestyle.”
  9. “I needed to get on the shuttle so I could escape this ridiculous planet. Spoiler alert, I’m still here.”
  10. “What I find interesting, is how so many supervillains are scientists. If the world doesn’t respect me, I might change sides.”

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  11. “Per the student dress and grooming code, this boy’s hair is too long. This boy is wearing sports attire outside a designated area. And this girl’s blouse is diaphanous, which means I can see her brassiere.”
  12. “So, I’m Ahead Of My Time? All Right, Call Me When You Catch Up.”
  13. “You want to know what’s really interesting? Aristotle thought that the sound of thunder was due to a collision between two clouds. He believed the clouds were expelling air, in the way a log on a fire crackles.” 
  14. “Look At My Face, Tell Me What You See.”  “That You’re Old.”
  15. “In Texas, the holy trinity is God, Football, and barbecue. Not necessarily in that order.”
  16. “I Should Let You Know, I Read A Book On Jiu-Jitsu, And I Am Prepared To Throw It At You.”
  17. “I actually enjoyed being alone, solitude allowed me to think about important things.”
  18. “Don’t Worry, If You Get Confused, I’ll Be Right Here In The Front Row.”
  19. “How can I be adopted when I have a twin sister? Think, monkey, think.
  20. “You Look A Little Pale.”  “Okay, Good. That’s Normal”

Sheldon is surrounded by his family, neighbors, and friends as a child, and the actors portraying them have to be able to reflect their characters’ frustrations with the child prodigy while offering him enough affection. best of Sheldon Cooper’s quotes from Young Sheldon are listed above.

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