Interesting Scenes Deleted In A Movie

Here is a list of the Interesting Scenes Deleted In A Movie Which Should Be Great If The Makers Had Kept Them.

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Deleted scenes are one of the most appealing aspects of movie fandom. They’re a window into a creative process that demonstrates how, even with a superb script, A-List cast, and a trouble-free shoot, whether or not a picture will be any good is up in the air until the edit is well along. In this article, we will be discussing interesting scenes deleted in a movie. Read on to find out more.

The problem is that, despite their charm, deleted sequences are largely useless. They’re little details that don’t have enough of an influence on the overall plot to be deemed significant. After all, that’s why they were eliminated.

They wouldn’t be abandoned on the editing room floor/recycling editor’s bin, headed for a life in DVD special features and YouTube compilation videos if they made a positive impact on the film.

Yet, there are some movie scenes that we think should not be deleted as they would give a different charm to the movie. We have compiled a list of some interesting scenes deleted in a movie that we think shouldn’t be deleted.

Check out our list of interesting scenes deleted in a movie below:

1. Katie Slashes Her Own Throat — “Paranormal Activity”

Although “Paranormal Activity” did not have a happy ending, it might have been a lot darker. Whether or not deleting this sequence was a smart decision will, of course, depend on how gloomy you prefer your endings.

Interesting Scenes Deleted In A Movie
Image Source: screenrant

Katie enters the room, gory and demonic-looking, and rushes at the camera in the theatrical version. It’s quite tame.

However, Paramount shot an alternate ending in which Katie smiles at the camera before cutting her own throat and disappearing from view. This conclusion was subsequently scrapped, but it is still available on DVD.

2. Wolverine And Storm Kiss — “X-Men Days Of Future Past”

With so many characters and plotlines accumulated over the previous decade and a half, it’s no surprise that X-Men: Days Of Future Past features a slew of deleted scenes.

Image Source: screen out

The most notable is a whole subplot featuring Rogue, although that pales in comparison to this little scene near the film’s beginning.

3. Draco Switches Sides — “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 2)”

The last Harry Potter film deviated significantly from J. K. Rowling’s novel, with crucial conversation sequences being transplanted and removed, and certain supporting characters being elevated to greater importance.

Image Source: quirkybytes

Draco Malfoy, the person who’s been making Harry’s life a living hell since they were eleven, suddenly turns his back on Voldemort and throws Harry his wand during the climactic fight, causing the movie to stray even further from the source.

This sequence would have pushed him even farther, to the point where he actively embraces good rather than merely forsaking evil. Fans of Tom Felton would have swooned.

4. Woody Shows His True Colors — “Toy Story”

Things in Toy Story hit their lowest ebb near the conclusion of the second act, with Woody confined in an inverted crate and a now-aware Buzz attached to The Big One, set to be blasted sky-high in a couple of hours, as you’d expect.

Image Source: disneywikifandom

Just before the two are about to try to go, the cowboy loses it and goes on a rant against the downbeat space ranger, blaming him for the current scenario.

At this moment, Woody who blames everything on Buzz and fails to face his difficulties is extremely similar to the cynical early version.

5. The Taming Party — “Zootopia”

“Zootopia” is undoubtedly one of Disney’s darkest and most adult films since it deals with such difficult topics as corruption, racism, and xenophobia.

It could, however, have been a lot darker. Judy and Nick were supposed to slip past a taming party, but that plan was scrapped.

Image Source: Twitter

A juvenile bear was given a shock collar as part of the taming party, which all predators must wear to put their predatory tendencies at bay.

It’s an enthralling sequence that demonstrates how much a film can evolve from conception to completion, as well as a heartbreaking glimpse into how dark the picture could have been.

6. The Lizard Tells The Untold Story — “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Peter Parker of The Amazing Spider-Man is driven by the mystery of his parent’s disappearance, in addition to seeking Uncle Ben’s killer and dealing with petty crime.

Image Source: what culture

The spider that bit Peter was genetically modified by his father to only react to Parker’s DNA, so a deleted scene showing a three-way showdown between Spidey, Lizard, and Dr. Ratha would have provided some resolution to that plot thread rather than leaving it for the second film; the spider that bit Peter was genetically modified by his father to only react to Parker DNA, so a deleted scene showing a three-way showdown between Spidey, Lizard, and Dr. Ratha would have provided some resolution.

The sequence itself was never seen, but dissatisfied fans cobbled together material from the trailers that promoted this plot aspect before Sony re-edited the film to set up a sequel better.

7. Bruce’s Suicide Attempt — “The Incredible Hulk”

Suicide may be a little too difficult and horrifying for youngsters. For “The Incredible Hulk,” a sequence was shot in which Bruce travels to the Arctic Circle to commit suicide. Human Bruce kneels in the snow and pulls out a rifle in this scenario.

Image Source: marveling,aticuniverswikifandom

He then cocks the rifle before transforming it into the Hulk and crushes it in his fist. The suicide attempt, however, was excluded from the final movie because the director and different Marvel executives considered it was simply too gloomy for young audiences.

8. Smaug And Sauron Are Already Working Together — “The Hobbit”

An Unexpected Journey spends a lot of time with the dwarves, but The Desolation Of Smaug offers the most memorable scenes.

Gandalf meets Thráin II, Thorin’s father, at Dol Guldur before being kidnapped by the Necromancer, who discloses the actual peril of the Dwarf company’s mission: Smaug is already in collaboration with Sauron.

Image Source: wikifandom

Yet there is a solid relationship between the two trilogies that feels natural inside the story: Gandalf’s greatest dread, that the dragon and the Dark Lord are working together, has already been realized.

It’s a spin on the legend, but what hadn’t been updated by this point? Smaug has evolved into something more than Benedict Cumberbatch’s roaring.

9. The Theater Shooting — “Gangster Squad”

In the original edit of “Gangster Squad,” there was a scene in Grauman’s Chinese Theater when multiple characters discharge submachine guns at a crowd.

Image Source: salon

However, just two months after the teaser was released, James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado movie theater, killing twelve people and wounding seventy more.

The trailer for “Gangster Squad” was dropped after the incident, and the sequence was totally excised from the film.

10. Baby Evan Strangles Himself — “The Butterfly Effect”

Infant deaths are often a difficult topic to broach. The newborn killing in 2017’s “It” was planned, but it was scrapped because it was too unsettling, which is saying a lot for a film in which an alien entity feeds children.

Evan burns his diaries after successfully changing the timeline in “The Butterfly Effect’s” theatrical conclusion.

Image Source: The Telegraph

The original ending, on the other hand, was significantly darker. Evan travels back in time and strangles himself in the womb with his umbilical cord in the director’s cut.

While some may claim that it is a more satisfying conclusion, others may feel that witnessing a newborn commit suicide is too much.

Some of the interesting scenes deleted in a movie are listed above. As unbelievable as it may seem, tiny, minute-long moments can dramatically alter the plot’s tempo, the portrayal of overarching themes, or, as these nine instances reveal, how a character is portrayed. We hope you liked this article. Feel free to share it with your cinephile friends.

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