5 Love stories that altered our generation’s perception of romance

Are these the films that heightened our romantic expectations? Which film did you see that made you want to fall in love?

This article explores some of the love stories that altered our generation’s perception of romance. Romance and comedy work well together, although they aren’t always required. Sometimes all you want to do is laugh. Other times, you just want to feel the romantic tingles without the jokes interfering with your yearning and swooning. You might even be in the mood for a film that begins with a romantic kiss and finishes with you sobbing into a box of tissues.

Sad films can sometimes be romantic! Unfortunately, although Netflix rom-coms may have launched a new era of Peak Romantic Comedy, those of us seeking new straight-up romances are severely underserved. That isn’t to say there aren’t epic love stories to be found if you know where to seek.

Fortunately, most of the greatest romantic films of all time are still available to watch online. While there are some jokes on this list, their primary purpose is not to make you laugh. It’s to make you experience all those other good, romantic feelings, to show you the grand kisses, to make you pine for that far-away partner, and to break your heart if it all doesn’t work out in the end. And if you don’t see your favorite on the list, let us know about it in the comments!

1. 10 Things I hate About You

5 Love stories that altered our generation's perception of romance
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10 Things I hate About You is a type of film that is no longer made. We deserve to be playing I LOVE YOU BABY from our school’s rooftops and falling in love with the ridiculously cute boy from school while spraying him with paint. Oh, and did I mention that your love interest is Heath Ledger, who adores and appreciates you for exactly who you are?

2. La La Land

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The definition of love evolves with the times. For this generation, love isn’t a fairytale romance with a happily ever after ending; love is genuine and imperfect, as this classic work beautifully depicts.

For us, love is that warm smile Sebastian and Mia share as they say their goodbyes. It demonstrates that, even though they are no longer together, the love they shared was real and intense at one point.

3. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all wished to start over. We wished we could just erase some folks from our minds. Make it as though the heartbreak never happened. But what if you’ve been through the worst and yet want to hang on?

What happens when you find love that you can count on despite your flaws? Someone who will accept you as you are, flaws and all? Isn’t that just what we’ve been seeking for!?

4. Crazy Stupid Love

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The movie is exactly how love is insane and makes you do stupid things, as the title suggests. When his wife requests for a divorce, a middle-aged guy is taken aback. Another story of a womaniser who transforms into a nicer guy for a girl, and how the two stories are linked. With its happy and sorrowful scenes, as well as one raunchy dancing-inspired scene, this film makes you feel like a splash of craziness is sometimes necessary in love.

5. The Fault In Our Stars

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It’s almost as if John Green hadn’t done enough with the novel to break your heart. But, after all, what is love without some risk? If there’s one thing that makes sense about films like TFIOS and five feet apart, it’s the insane gamble that we all know love is, even as we plunge headfirst into it. In the end, love is akin to Gus’s suffering. It cries out to be touched.

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