Some Ghazals To Soothe Your Soul

Reminiscing on Timeless Classic Ghazals That Touch Our Souls and Make Us Nostalgic.

Some Ghazals To Soothe Your Soul

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Ghazals have a unique place in the realm of music. They open floodgates to the most hidden and deepest sentiments in us with their excellent Urdu lyrics, subtle nuances, and melody that connects the soul to another realm.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of some of the best timeless ghazals that can instantly elevate your spirits and make you nostalgic because we are sure you must have heard them in Hindi cinema.

1. Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo is a heart-warming tune of love, passion, and those rare moments of warmth and devotion, in addition to being one of the most famous ghazals.

This song has been covered by several musicians, none of whom sound as good as Farida Khanum. The sensation we experience after listening to this lovely music is unchanged.

2. Chupke Chupke Raat Din

What could be better than a smash-hit ghazal that reminisces about those magical moments of love and passion between two people, just remembering the good times with her? It’s sad, but it’s also quite romantic.

It features some extremely good verses and calming melody, and it is sung by one of India’s finest ghazal singers.

3. Ranjish Hi Sahi

This ghazal is a heartbreaking representation of a wounded heart that has loved and lost, conveyed in Mehdi Hassan’s wonderful voice. In our hearts, this ghazal will always have a unique place.

4. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi

With its evocative music, poignant words, and the relaxing voice of the outstanding Anup Ghoshal, this iconic, superhit ghazal evokes thoughts of nostalgia.

This ghazal makes you cry, grin, and feel a variety of other emotions all at once.

5. Pyaar Mujhse Jo Kiya

“Kyun samjhti ho Mujhe bhool Nahi paogi,” a ghazal that speaks to people who have suffered unrequited love, is one of Jagjit Singh’s best ghazals.

With some deep Sufi words, he manages to calm the mind. It’s so heartbreaking, but you keep returning to listen to it.

6. Mora Saiyaan

This superhit ghazal interacts with you on a whole new level because of Shafaqat Amanat Ali’s calming voice.

“Mora Saiyaan” is a timeless masterpiece that is also regarded as one of the best ghazals about love and the monsoon.

7. Koi Fariyad

That’s what you call an all-time favorite. Jagjit Singh’s famous ghazal takes you on a trip of recollections and remarkable occasions.

“Koi Fariyad” manages to steal your heart every time you listen to it, even if you’ve heard it before.

8. Rishton Ke Saare Manzar

One of the most classic ghazals on relationships and love within, “Rishton Ke Saare Manzar” was a hit.

Although many years have passed since then, Arijit Singh’s superhit ghazal remains an all-time favorite and one of his best works.

9. Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

All of Arth’s ghazals are wonderful. Jhuki jhuki Si Nazar, on the other hand, has a special place in our hearts.

Also, notice how well the lights in the video have been focused on Shabana Azmi’s eyes to match the lyrics. This ghazal is a true treasure.

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