The Rings Of Power Episode 3 Adar Review: More Places And More Faces

The third episode of The Rings of Power introduces many new places and new people. If you think your memory is not good enough, you might want to revisit the previous episode to understand the next one!

The Rings Of Power Episode 3 Adar Review: More Places And More Faces

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It is not the best time for fanatics to wait for a week for another episode of the shows they are watching, but with titles connected with a big sci-fi world like that of the Lord of the Rings, it becomes important to create that suspense and thrill in the audience to keep them engrossed in the story. 

While the first two episodes of this million dollars series introduced us to the introduction of the journey, the third episode, named Adar slows down in its pace and continues to introduce us to new things to gradually craft the plot. 

The second episode ended with Galadriel waking up on a boat and they pick up right from that scene. Both she and Halbrand are rescued and brought to the ship of Elendil.

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This man is the father of Islidur, who is fated to withdraw Suaron’s one ring from his hand. Spoiler alert, we also get to learn about a few startling details from Helbrand’s background in this episode. 

This episode will probably portray the last culture that we will get to see in the show as Halbrand and Galadriel are taken to Numenor by Elendil for which he is trespassing many laws by bringing elves into his kingdom. 

 The magnificent island introduces us to several new names and places. When it comes to the visual effects, the series has already been winning with its wonderful portrayal of the Middle-Earth and South Lands along with everything in between.


As the ship gradually moves into Numenor, the sheer brilliance with which the creators have portrayed the island will leave you awestruck. The Rings of Power continues to bring breathtaking scenes weaving the lores in it. 

Moreover, the kingdom of Numenor also gives us a display of the Numenoreans,  who are no doubt a fascinating group. All of them are characters taken from Tolkien’s stories except Earien, who is portrayed to be Elendil’s daughter. 

In the land of Numenor, Galadriel discovers some shocking secrets about Helbrand. She gets to know that he is actually the king of South lands. So, what was he doing in the Sundering Sea? Is he in exile?


She also finds out that Sauron’s mark is in reality a map of the Southlands where he is planning to establish a realm of evil forces.

While Nori is still keeping her Stranger friend a secret, nevertheless, we still do not get to learn anything about him but it is predicted that he is Gandalf. His genuineness indicates that he is too good to be Sauron but too isolated to be one of the Blue Wizards. 

He maintains a close friendship with Nori and soon develops a good connection with her family.

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Meanwhile, Arondir is captured by the Orcs and it is discovered that they are digging an underground passage to make it easy for the Orcs to travel during the day. Arondir is taken to a construction camp. 

Towards the end, Arondir is taken to the leader of the Orcs who are introduced as Adar, hence the name of the episode, and is guessed to be one of the names of Sauron. 

It becomes clear that at the end of this episode with an enormous creature standing and voices chanting in the background, the danger faced by Galadriel and the people around her is coming closer.


The best thing about this episode was its expansion of the lore showing the wonderfully crafted realm the creators have pieced together.

Most of the fans may not be aware of the era before Middle-Earth however the show doesn’t drop Tolkien’s world in a manner that you need to have information about everything. The show is enough for you to understand what is going on.

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