The Rings Of Power Episode 5 Partings Review: Darkest Conflicts In The Show

The new episode is finally available on Amazon Prime. As the series moves towards the finale, the situation turns darker and it appears that a big war may be nearby.

The Rings Of Power Episode 5 Partings Review: Darkest Conflicts In The Show

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As we reach the fifth episode of the Lord of the Rings sequel, The Rings of Power, the reviews received by the audience and critics remained mixed.

While some of the elements of this series are highlighted, the structural problem of the sci-fi fantasy drama makes it less appealing. 

Nevertheless, Partings become darker, the dark you get just before dawn, hinting at the possible war we have been waiting for. Conflicts become clear and people swear their loyalty to people, expeditions set out and some are driven by personal stories.

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Taking the pace right where the fourth episode left off, the fifth episode of the Rings of Power continues to move as this one focuses on what the characters are doing. 

Fortunately, this episode gives us something about the Harfoots, which the audience missed greatly. Nori is still keeping the stranger with her, teaching him the ways of the Harfoots and instructing him about the migratory life of the Harfoots. 

The stranger indicates that he is not a good impact on Nori, describing himself as “peril”, however, the kind-hearted and compassionate Nori tells him that he is a good person.


Eventually, the stranger accepts it however it hints at the fact that even if the stranger is inwardly good, he may bring himself some trouble for Nori. 

Shifting to the Southlands, we see the humans who are abandoning the eleven towers to avoid being captured by Adar. Some of them, however, decide to follow Waldreg to surrender to him, as they think that he is Sauron.

Waldreg is still playing strategically, outwardly showing his earnest loyalty and devotion to Sauron, it appears that he will surrender to whoever will keep him alive.

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By now it has become clear that he is one of the antagonists. Like the Malfoy family being loyal to Voldemort till the very end, Waldreg was also waiting for his Dark Lord to return.

The majority of the Southlanders regretted their ancestors’ loyalty to Morgoth, and some of them did not care about the thing, however, Waldreg is clearly a loyalist who was waiting for the right time to get behind the evil forces. 

This scene, I must say, was further enhanced by Morell’s excellent performance, who is playing the role of Waldreg.

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Meanwhile, in Numenor, there is a split between Galadriel and Helbrand but she gradually persuades him to leave for the Middle-Earth after explaining to him the losses she had to suffer because of Sauron. 

Pharazon is still ambitious to earn people’s support to take the throne of power. In his strategy, his son, Kemen, also plays a role as he tries to hinder the expedition by destroying the ship. But he is caught by Isildur. 

The episode ends with the townspeople of Southlands preparing for the eventual war with the orcs and the ship of Numenor leaving for Southlands.

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Hence, it becomes clear that the big war we have been waiting for may be just around the corner with people joining hands, preparing to attack, and finding their defense.

Nevertheless, apart from Elrond and Galadriel, most of the characters are playing chess, making their moves by taking into account the risk that they may have to encounter. The former two have background stories following their ambitious moves. 

By now, the visuals and the cinematography has lost their charm. However, Partings showed us some development of the characters.

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But with a series this big that cost billions of dollars to the company producing it, viewers naturally expect something extraordinary.

The show, by now, is predictable and lacks the thrill that is generally induced in a fictional world with evil forces fighting.

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