Best Apple TV Shows shows to watch: Top 10 Apple TV Shows to Watch in 2021

Some of the best Apple TV shows to watch out for in 2021.

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Here is the list of the Best Apple TV Shows shows to watch –

RANK Best Apple TV Shows shows IMDb
1 Home Before Dark 7.5/10
2 Dickinson 7.4/10
3 Truth Be Told 7.1/10
4 Mythic Quest 7.7/10
5 Servant 7.7/10
6 For All Mankind 7.8/10
7 SEE 7.6/10
8 Ted Lasso 8.7/10
9 Defending Jacob 7.9/10
10 The Morning Show 8.4/10

1. Home Before Dark – IMDb 7.5/10

Home Before Dark is the kind of nostalgic family television that you long for.

The idea is fantastic: a nine-year-old aspiring journalist returns to the place where her father grew up with her family.


There, she begins to find information on a long-ago cold case.

The episodes should be a little shorter, but this is a fantastic story of a little girl who is far more sophisticated than her years suggest, and what happens when she begins to seek the truth.

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2. Dickinson – IMDb 7.4/10

Before the announcement, Apple teased the highly anticipated Dickinson teaser – and it was correct – this is a laugh-a-minute.


The comedy series, which stars Hailee Steinfeld as rebellious poet Emily Dickinson, is a mix of current humor and classic dress.

3. Truth Be Told – IMDb 7.1/10

Truth Be Told tells the tale of a podcast producer who sets out to investigate an unsolved cold-case murder, with such a storyline line that is really similar to that of the famous podcast Serial.

Indie Wire

This theatrical adaption of Kathleen Barber’s novel Are You Sleeping: A Novel is a must-see for true-crime podcast and television fans.

4. Mythic Quest – IMDb 7.7/10

Mythic Quest is a humorous show that aspires to be like Silicon Valley by following a video game business as they release and struggle to keep up with their game, Mythic Quest.


It’s directed by Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, who also directed the brilliant It’s Only Sunny in Philadelphia, and though it doesn’t quite reach those heights, it’s still a fascinating movie.

The show’s second season is finally online, and it’s still one of the funniest things on television right now.


5. Servant – IMDb 7.7/10

Servant is a Tony Basgallop film about a Philadelphia couple grieving the loss of their kid.

It’s a bit of a dark one, to say the least, with a mystery entity involved – we’re not going to say anything further since we don’t want to give anything away.


It features an excellent cast, including Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, and Rupert Grint.

6. For All Mankind – IMDb 7.8/10

Imagining how the world might have turned out if Russia had been the first to put a man on the moon before the United States, For All Mankind begins in the 1960s and follows an extraterrestrial challenge.

NBC News

As technology evolves and decades pass, the series continues, with plenty of action and drama thrown in for good measure in for good measure.

7. SEE – IMDb 7.6/10

The global debut of the See trailer, an exclusive Apple TV series starring Jason Momoa and Oscar nominee Alfre Woodard, was seen during the Apple TV Plus launch.

The Verge

The show depicts a society hundreds of years in the future that has lost its capacity to see, and it depicts a new generation of people who are miraculously born with their vision intact.

It’s a gritty Apple project that isn’t entirely successful, but you can say for sure that there will be a lot more in its sequel that has already commissioned

8. Ted Lasso – IMDb 8.7/10

Ted Lasso is one of the most delightful TV programs seen in a long time. If you live in the United Kingdom, it’s an odd sight to see a US-American football coach coming over to instruct a motley group of footballers.


Lasso is a pessimist, and you can’t resist but be caught by his outlook on life.

And, despite the fact that it was filmed in the United States, it does a very good job at portraying the United Kingdom.

9. Defending Jacob – IMDb 7.9/10

In Defending Jacob, Chris Evans switches spandex for a courtroom in this miniseries about a family protecting their kid after he is accused of murdering a classmate.

Los Angeles Times

Given the subject matter, it’s a distressing watch at times, but it’s fantastic to see Evans take a break from the large budgets and produce something a bit more subtle.

The show is inspired by William Landay’s best-selling novel.

10. The Morning Show 8.4/10

It seems to be a drama that takes place behind the scenes of a morning television news show.

As the journalistic drama unfolds, Jennifer Aniston, in her first series since Friends, is joined by Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

Tech Radar 247

If this program had been on Netflix (a more popular streaming service), it would have gotten all the praise for its themes of office sexual harassment and all that comes with it.



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