Underrated Songs By Our Favourite Singers

Check the list and let us know how many of these you knew already.


A song is a beautiful kind of art that touches many people’s hearts. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing them? Every single one of them does. Songs are always certain to put you in a nice, happy, and joyful mood.

There are a plethora of song applications available these days that allow us to explore our musical interests while conversing with our favourite musicians in any language we like. Today, we’ll look at the underappreciated Bollywood songs by our favourite singers. 

Bollywood has continued to excel at generating the most heartfelt and beautiful love songs, from pink romance to rainy sentimental tunes. It’s sometimes tough to avoid listening to all of the incredible skilled artists’ “Bollywood songs.”

Many songs sung by solo singers, as well as backup artists for albums and movies, have captivated audiences. Bollywood has always excelled in romanticising every song’s lyrics and lyrics. Not only the songs but also the music videos are highly relaxing and stress-relieving to watch.

 Underrated Songs By Our Favourite Singers
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The Bollywood music videos provide us with a wonderful sensation. Some songs become extremely successful, while others do not.

Some Bollywood songs have remained underappreciated to this day, and many of us wish that the rest of the world was aware of their artistic value.

If you enjoy music, we’ve compiled a selection of the most beautiful yet underrated songs that will surprise you and make you fall in love with them right away, and that you should add to your collection.

1. Tu Zaroori – Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu Zaroori by Sharib Toshi in Sunidhi’s beautiful voice is the only option when it’s raining and you can’t stop your thoughts from spilling over your secret crush. It will unquestionably transfer you to another dimension!

2. Yeh Aaina – Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya’s voice is the kind of music that will hold you close and take away all your problems. The lyrics of Irshad Kamil and the music of Amaal Malik are as pleasant as the morning sun.

The song was not given its due. You’ll play this song on repeat because it’s a little old but still sounds so good.

3. Akhiyan – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Some voices heal you, and Rahat’s voice sends you into a mini-trace as you sway from side to side, singing ‘Kya Re Kiya Khud Ishq Khuda Ne.’

Thank you, Jatinder Shah, for providing this treasure. This one largely went overlooked. It’s not your typical Bollywood song, but it’s still wonderful.

4. Musu Musu  – Shaan

How can you not grin when Shaan asks you to do so in this rendition of a Nepalese song? Shaan’s sweet voice was the new millennium’s love language.

Some of us persevered in listening to the rest of the album, discovering a hidden, underappreciated gem.

5. Der Lagi Lekin – Shankar Mahadevan

While listening to ‘Par Maine Jeena Seekh Liya’ while sunbathing in your automobile. After a long travel, Shankar’s voice welcomes you back home.

The journey has come to an end, and you are gazing at the sunset with a smile on your face. The more you praise this record, the less you realise how good it is.

While this album went on to become one of the year’s biggest hits, “Der Lagi Lekin” never gained the same traction as the others.

6. Main Agar – Atif Aslam

The progression in the keys is like a river, and it’s one of Atif’s most underappreciated songs with Pritam. Hold your breath and calmly wait for Atif – Pritam to arrive and steal your heart.

This is one of the best pieces, and it’s so eerily beautiful that you won’t want it to finish.

7. Saawali Si Raat – Arijit Singh

There’s nothing else to say on this quiet winter night. As you wait for the night to embrace you to sleep, Arijit’s voice spins a warm cotton blanket for you to wrap yourself in.

It becomes a part of you. It has a unique relaxing impact on your mind, which is uncommon in music these days.

8. Kaise Bataun – KK, Sonal, Mithoon

On a calm day, KK is there to cure you of those fidgety emotions with its tippy toey piano and energetic chords. We owe you a huge one for this, Mithoon.

This upbeat tune illustrates that romantic songs don’t have to be overly sentimental.

9. Ghar – Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chahan hits you right. When Nikhita’s voice has perfectly sunk in. The song is truly your small home, and we owe Pritam a huge debt of gratitude for it.

It has all of the characteristics of a great song. We’re not sure why this song was never a hit.

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